University of Southern California

Sally Canario
Material Cost Mgt,, Northrop Grumman Corp.
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"I recommend the Masters of Science of Global Supply Chain Management to anyone who is interested in specializing in a technical field that is in high demand. Having earned an MBA from the Marshall Business School, I see that the quality of education is of the same high caliber, delving into the specifics of operations and supply chain management. The flexibility of attending in person or online is a benefit to me, a fully employed, working mother to three small children. My employer, Northrop Grumman, is highly supportive of my participation in this Masters program and thankfully is providing tuition reimbursement for my attendance, encouraging work life balance.

Using Go to Meetings, I am able to meet with my teammates who are located across the nation to collaborate on assignments; with this program I have been able to network with the industry's finest, my classmates and professors, who have knowledge of best practices. USC is on the cutting edge of technology."