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Kevin Kassel ’17 had a great idea for a business…but he didn’t know it until taking classes through the Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab
As Cuban immigrants, my parents opened Porto's Bakery & Cafe in 1976. Back then it was a simple mom-and-pop business...
As the Executive Officer onboard the Virginia-class submarine USS CALIFORNIA SSN-781, I am faced with new leadership challenges daily.
It took me a few years to find USC, but when I did, I found my home. Just days ago, I sent in my final student loan payment.
I was a poor kid. I was able to attend USC only because of the academic scholarship I received. I felt very grateful for...

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Ph.D. in Statistics
Ph.D. in Marketing
Ph.D. in Finance and Business Economics
Ph.D. in Accounting
Senior Director (Value Chain Management & Field Service) at Oracle

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University of California, San Diego
Having earned a degree in mechanical engineering, Matthew always enjoyed figuring out how things work. Through his work in the field, he realized that this concept applied to business as well, and decided to further pursue his interests. Upon joining the Marshall MBA Program, he was deeply impressed with not only the leadership and professors, but the rest of the student body. The wide range of backgrounds and interests of the student population challenged him to be better and encouraged him to create lasting friendships both professional and personal.