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Heba Armand
USC Marshall MBA Helps an Engineer Pursue A Dream
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One trait effective business executives share is the ability to be flexible. It is a trait that Heba Armand embraces. Before enrolling in the USC Marshall MBA program, she worked as an engineer for Verizon in Southern California. After her first year of the MBA program, Ms. Armand accepted a summer marketing internship with Procter & Gamble, the world's largest consumer products company, in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Having gained hands-on experience with P&G's Cascade product line, Ms. Armand refocused her goals on a career in brand management. "I wanted to switch careers from engineering to marketing," she explains. "I have strong quantitative skills, but wanted to learn more about the business side of marketing, strategy and finance."

One major reason she chose USC Marshall's MBA program is its emphasis on practical, real-world curricula. In particular, Ms. Armand credits Professor Kyle Mayer, an assistant professor who teaches management and organization, and his course on Global Strategies. "He makes difficult concepts very understandable," says Ms. Armand.

For Ms. Armand, the value of a USC Marshall MBA extended beyond the classroom. She said it was a path to self-discovery and that it provided her with intangibles that she feels will benefit her throughout her career. "I've been able to practice my leadership style and figure out what type of person I am. I learned more about myself and how to motivate and influence others."