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Julie Anderson
So much to see, so much good to do
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Graduating Year

During her four years at USC Marshall School of Business, Julie Anderson BS '06 traveled to Shanghai, China; Tokyo, Japan; Madrid, Spain; and, coming this summer, to Mexico City, Mexico – her second trip to that nation.

Each of those sojourns occurred thanks to various university-run programs and courses. In Spain, Anderson interned for Grupo Zena, a restaurant operator. The Shanghai and Tokyo trips were part of Marshall’s i-ExCEL program. And her first Mexican jaunt, to a free-trade zone at the border, was a fieldwork component of Professor Carl Voigt's Global Strategy course.

The first day of that class, Voigt announced there was a mandatory trip to Mexico. "I thought he was joking," Anderson says. "But we got on a bus, he took us down there. We got there, and he said, 'See the sights. Take some risks. Learn by doing.'"

Anderson says she’s taken this philosophy to heart. She hasn't yet finalized her career plans, but during summer 2006, the Spanish minor will head to Mexico City to work for Fundar, a non-profit, human rights-related NGO.

Ultimately, Anderson plans to work in Southern California. But for now, there are more journeys, adventures, and experiences to be had. "New doors open for you," Anderson says, "if you're willing to take chances."