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Marshall's Tonii Brady Featured at the Festival of Books
The Staffer Celebrated her Newest Book at the Annual Event
May 5, 2014 • by News at Marshall

Longtime Trojan family member Tonii Brady, operations manager of the MBA Career Resource Center at the USC Marshall School of Business, wore another hat—that of published, book-signing author —during this year’s Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, held April 12-13 on the USC campus. Tonii shared her thoughts on balancing a rigorous career with a busy home life, including as a Trojan Mom, and still find time to write, write, write!

Q:   Tell us about your book projects. What motivated you to undertake such a commitment, and how did you do it?

A:   I like to call my projects “books with a message” because they tackle the real- life issues that children face on a daily basis. The motivation behind “The Daddy-Daughter Dance” was my former boss, Steve Adcook [Director of Human Resources]. When he first came to Marshall, he arrived at the office one morning talking about needing something to wear to the Father-Daughter Dance at his daughter’s school. I had never heard of this event, and I asked what it was about. Steve was shocked that I had never heard of this event, so I explained to him that where I come from we don’t have dances like this. This was in 2008 and I held on to the idea of writing that story until 2012.

My motivation for “Jeremy Has No Dad” was simply the need to have a book for a boy, since I already knew that I would have one for fatherless girls. Jeremy was written in 2010; I had to write it before I could write DDD. I really enjoyed writing this book.

I wrote both of these books at home on the weekend and in the evenings. Once I finished my master’s degree I had even more time and began writing “Chameleon Blues”, which is the sequel to a young adult book, “Midnight Blues”, that I wrote in the ’90s.

Q:   How did you stay motivated while managing a busy full-time career, your family and all the other elements of busy life?

A:   To be honest, I have been a student while maintaining a full-time job and having three kids for many years, so I have become accustomed to working, going to school, raising my kids and being a wife. I really don’t know anything else. I finished my MPA in 2009, so that left the door wide open for me slide writing in its place.

Q:   Who were your favorite authors as a child and/or reading to your own kids?

A:   As a kid my favorite authors were Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary! I loved “Fudge”, “Super Fudge” and “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing”. I spent hours reading and re-reading “Ramona the Brave”. One of my favorites was also “The Cat in the Hat”. In fact, even as an adult who hasn’t read that book in years, I still know the first five pages, word-for-word, by heart. I read a plethora of books to my kids. Of course, Dr. Seuss was on the list!

Q:   What was the most rewarding part of the process?

A:   The most rewarding part of this process was actually seeing, feeling and touching the books. They were delivered on April 10. When I saw them, I could not bring myself to open the boxes. In fact, I sent Tonisha Jester [Recruiting Coordinator] a text asking her to go to my office and look at them because I was afraid to look. I had had a dream the week before that the books were all wrong, so I just couldn’t do it!

Q:   You are a Trojan Mom—what was your daughter’s reaction to having an author-mother?

A:   My daughter was very supportive and excited. She reposted my facebook post and even had some of her friends come and purchase books.

Q:   What advice do you have for other budding authors at USC?

A:   Do not let those big publishing companies squash your dreams or make you feel like you’re not good enough. Follow your dreams and stay focused and dedicated—you can do it!

Q:   What's next for you? Another book?

A:   I have two more children’s books that I’d like to write this year—they are great ideas and I cannot wait to put my ideas on paper!

Q:   What books do you most enjoy reading?

A:   Don’t judge me, but I most recently completed the Fifty Shades trilogy…the books were simple, but the story was pretty good.

Q:   What is your life’s motto?

A:   Don’t expect anyone to pat you on the back for your accomplishments; pat yourself on the back and follow your dreams.

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