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3/22/17 • News at Marshall
New research from USC Marshall sheds light on social inequality
3/15/17 • News at Marshall
Patrick Yoon works to revive retail banking in South Korea
3/2/17 • News at Marshall
USC Marshall brings on library leader to helm Master of Management in Library and Information Science program
3/2/17 • News at Marshall
USC Marshall finds itself on the cutting edge of fintech education
3/2/17 • News at Marshall
Andrew Wylegala delivers insight into U.S. companies doing business in Japan

Marshall in the Media

10/21/16 Variety

C. Kerry Fields is cited in a story on issues that might hinder the proposed ATT-Time Warner  merger.

10/18/16 Bloomberg Politics

Alec Levenson is quoted in Bloomberg Politics in story on the road from Congress to corporate boards.

10/15/16 NPR

Joe Nunes speaks to NPR about what effect the election is having on the spending habits of Americans.

10/14/16 CCTV

Ira Kalb discusses breast cancer awareness marketing.

10/7/16 Time Magazine

Debbie MacInnis is quoted on why “The people who feel most betrayed are the ones who were most attached to the brand in the first place.”

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