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10/29/07 • News at Marshall
USC Marshall Team Wins Women in Business Challenge
10/27/07 • News at Marshall
Dr. Sidney Harman, Founder, Harman International, Inc.
10/23/07 • News at Marshall
Hiring Rates Continue to Climb Under New CRC Approach
10/22/07 • News at Marshall
Eight Top Schools' Teams to Tackle Nike Business Challenge
10/15/07 • News at Marshall
Princeton Review, Entrepreneur tab grad program as tops
10/15/07 • David Bloom
Fifty years to the day after Sputnik launched the Space Race, entrepreneurs, engineers, academics, astronauts and not a few dreamers gathered in a Bel Air...
9/24/07 • News at Marshall
A One-On-One Interview
9/24/07 • News at Marshall
Russian Delegates Visit USC University Hospital
9/17/07 • News at Marshall
USC Marshall Unit, Big Four Accounting Firm to Study Effects of Parade and Game on Region's Economy