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6/29/09 • News at Marshall
As Senior Associate Dean for External Relations
6/20/09 • News at Marshall
From Finance to Filmmaking
6/18/09 • Anne Bergman
Executive Compensation Expert Kevin Murphy Appears Before the House Financial Services Committee
6/15/09 • Anne Bergman
More Consumer Choice May Lead to More Disappointment says Kristin Diehl, a USC Marshall Marketing Expert
6/13/09 • News at Marshall
King of Cash Flow Increased Global Understanding of Entrepreneurial Finance
6/12/09 • News at Marshall
Lucy Hood Appointed Executive Director of the Institute for Communication Technology Management
6/5/09 • News at Marshall
Recession gives People Permission to be Unemployed
6/2/09 • News at Marshall
Addressing the Topic Innovating Through Difficult Times
6/1/09 • Mike Martinez
Marshall Undergraduate Student Group Los Angeles Community Impact Showcases Semester-Long Projects
5/27/09 • News at Marshall
Professor Says True Leaders Able to See Beyond Current Zeitgeist to Sense Opportunities for Future