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1/21/11 • News at Marshall
National Hockey League Commissioner Gary Bettman recently shared the keys to the NHL's success during the economic downturn to a packed house on the USC campus.
1/13/11 • News at Marshall
It was a first rate showing from the USC Marshall MBAs as they competed at the MIT Sloan School of Business Sales Competition for only the second time.
1/4/11 • News at Marshall
The World is Just a Book Away has launched 47 school libraries and reached 25,000 Indonesian children with 45,000 books for a tremendous impact so far. Doing good all began with connections established right here at USC Marshall.
12/21/10 • News at Marshall
When Bristol Farms CEO Kevin Davis met investment banker and Greif & Co. President and CEO Lloyd Greif in the USC Marshall Food Industry Management (FIM) program, the two could not predict that their paths and would cross so often in the future.
12/20/10 • News at Marshall
You're In! Click here to be included in our new Marshall and Leventhal alumni directory.
12/16/10 • News at Marshall
On the surface it looked like a typical MBA career fair. Students in dark suits with buzzing Blackberrys and firm handshakes networked with over 20 companies. However, this group aims to use business smarts for good in the non-profit and environmental sectors.
12/13/10 • News at Marshall
Budding entrepreneurs representing a cross-section of the University were awarded more than $50,000 to help launch new businesses ranging in purpose from online games to helping the handicapped. This was part of the sixth-annual New Venture Seed Competition sponsored by Marshall's Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies.
12/9/10 • News at Marshall
"Whether it's drama or trauma, I find the humor in it," said Janice Bryant Howroyd, the 2010 Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies "Entrepreneur of the Year."
12/2/10 • News at Marshall
Can five bucks make a difference in some one's life?
12/1/10 • News at Marshall
A research team of USC Marshall MBA students has concluded that a sustainable world is not within immediate reach as issues surrounding unclear global policies, affordability, and myopia among political leaders and consumers are thwarting businesses from investing in sustainable energy.