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Marshall News

12/15/11 • News at Marshall
AMA Recognizes Marshall Professor of Marketing’s Enduring Scholarship
12/7/11 • News at Marshall
Undergraduates Drive for First-Place Finishes in State Farm Competition
12/7/11 • News at Marshall
Sports Business Institute hosts NCAA president for Commissioners’ Series
12/5/11 • News at Marshall
6th Annual Corporate Governance Summit Addresses Emerging Trends
12/2/11 • News at Marshall
Warren Bennis Explains What it Takes to Lead and be Part of Innovative Enterprises
12/2/11 • News at Marshall
CTM Roundtable Highlights Berman’s Thoughts on Theater, Television and Digital Media
12/1/11 • News at Marshall
A Study by Marshall MBA Team Provides Concrete Suggestions to Improve Trade
11/28/11 • News at Marshall
Financial Secretary John Tsang Advises Students On Finding Opportunities in Fabled City-state
11/22/11 • News at Marshall
The Marshall professor is honored by the USC Parents Association
11/21/11 • News at Marshall
C.W. Park Named a Society of Consumer Psychology Fellow