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2/17/12 • News at Marshall
Marshall Hosts Conference on the Globalization of the Entertainment Industry
2/17/12 • News at Marshall
Study Finds Video Capture and Other Automated Systems Cut Down Medical Errors
2/9/12 • News at Marshall
Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies will honor the CEO of Dedicated Media
2/7/12 • News at Marshall
Five-year project will focus on aiding researchers in variable selection
1/19/12 • News at Marshall
EMBA Candidate Chad Cisco Leaves the Navy's Submarine Force for Consulting
1/19/12 • News at Marshall
Contest Focused on Creating Products for Upcoming World-Class Events in Brazil
1/12/12 • News at Marshall
Technology Feasibility Course, Students Strive for a Viable Business Plan and a Launch
1/12/12 • News at Marshall
Marshall’s John Boudreau Publishes Book on Evidence-Based Change
1/11/12 • News at Marshall
Studies by Professor find Aligned Action does not Always Lead to the Common Good
12/19/11 • News at Marshall
Warren Bennis and Edward Lawler Among Top 30 Business Educators in U.S. Academia