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7/26/12 • News at Marshall
Students from Marshall, Annenberg and Viterbi Help Local Nonprofits
7/16/12 • News at Marshall
A Q&A with Marshall Professor Judith Blumenthal
7/12/12 • News at Marshall
Asa Firestone MBA '12 Blends Business and Social Entrepreneurship in BeyondGear
7/5/12 • News at Marshall
Former SEC Counsel Brian Cartwright Shares Expertise on Entrepreneurship
7/5/12 • News at Marshall
Mick Swartz Takes a Leadership Role in Educating Public about Hedge Funds
6/27/12 • News at Marshall
Literacy Nonprofit Co-founded by James Owens Gains International Recognition
6/13/12 • News at Marshall
Undergraduate Marshall Marketing Courses Provide Real World Experience
6/12/12 • News at Marshall
June 28 LA-based Conference to Focus on Innovation, Infrastructure and Social Impact
6/1/12 • News at Marshall
Peter Monge Holds Dual Appointments at Marshall and Annenberg
5/31/12 • News at Marshall
Dinika Bhatia '09 has Developed a Thriving Food Company Based in India