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10/17/13 • News at Marshall
On October 14th, alumni Craig Pollard and Will Ferrell returned to USC to share their experiences with our students and for us to recognize their work for Cancer for College, the charity they've built to award scholarships to students facing the dual hardships of cancer and paying for college.
10/15/13 • News at Marshall
New USC, London Business School and PwC Study Identifies Generational Workplace Communication Styles
10/15/13 • News at Marshall
General Petraeus visits Master of Business for Veterans Students
10/8/13 • News at Marshall
Analysts Fail to Unwind all Exclusions, Makes for Flawed Forecasts
10/8/13 • News at Marshall
Marshall MBAs Trending Toward Health Care and High Technology
10/7/13 • News at Marshall
Fred Meyer’s Division President Honored
10/1/13 • News at Marshall
John W. Boudreau receives $50,000 award from the Society for Human Resource Management
9/26/13 • News at Marshall
Discusses the State of the Economy
9/23/13 • News at Marshall
Awards 50k to Tech Startups and Provides Thought Leadership to Tech Community