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6/19/14 • News at Marshall
Gathering Brings Business Leaders and MBAs Together for Sharing of Ideas
6/16/14 • News at Marshall
Former SEC Chairman Offered Insights at the 33rd Annual SEC Conference
6/12/14 • News at Marshall
Marshall Gay & Lesbian Association Sponsors Participation in LA Pride Parade
6/11/14 • News at Marshall
World Bachelor in Business Students Share Experiences at USC
5/21/14 • News at Marshall
Visionary Business Leaders Offer Inspiration to Marshall Graduates at USC's 131st Commencement
5/19/14 • News at Marshall
Marshall Prevails Over 23 Top Schools in CQA Investment Challenge
5/15/14 • News at Marshall
A Conversation with USC Professor Jacob Soll on his Groundbreaking New Book
5/8/14 • News at Marshall
Experts Address the Challenges and Ongoing Opportunities in the Region
5/6/14 • News at Marshall
Deborah MacInnis Elected to Membership and Board of Phi Kappa Phi
5/6/14 • News at Marshall
Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies awards $50,000 to USC Startups