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9/28/12 • News at Marshall
Marshall Professors Offer Pragmatic Solutions to the Slowing U.S. Economy in New Book
9/27/12 • News at Marshall
USC Silicon Beach Conference Highlights Innovation in Digital Media and Technology
9/19/12 • News at Marshall
Pioneering Three-Continent
 Undergraduate Degree Program
9/5/12 • News at Marshall
MBA Report Urges Pacific Rim Countries to Free up Service Sector
8/22/12 • News at Marshall
Marshall MBA Students Bring Viterbi Alumnus Invention Down to Earth
8/21/12 • News at Marshall
Prestigious One-Year International MBA Program Marks its 35th Anniversary with Ambitious Upgrades
8/14/12 • News at Marshall
USC Marshall Lloyd Greif Center Works with Young Entrepreneurs in Pilot Summer Program
8/13/12 • News at Marshall
Paul Adler Receives the Academy of Management Review Decade Award
8/10/12 • News at Marshall
Building on its International Reputation