University of Southern California

Marshall in the Media

11/4/14 Forbes

Forbes highlighted Marshall’s Master of Business for Veterans, which has grown 30 percent since its inaugural class. Students in the school's MBA program have collaborated with the students in MBV, allowing MBV students to share aspects of leadership they learned in the military.

11/4/14 KPCC and KCRW

KPCC and KCRW public radio featured Silicon Beach at USC hosted by CTM and the Lloyd Greif Center. CTM’s Jay Tucker was interviewed

11/4/14 KPCC-FM

KPCC-FM interviewed Nick Vyas about a contract dispute that could affect ports across the West Coast, including Los Angeles.

11/3/14 Inc.

Inc. featured research by Peter Cardon finding that smartphone use during business meetings is viewed differently depending on age and gender.

11/1/14 The Economist

The Economist quoted Mark Young about the collaborative culture inherent in Hollywood.

10/31/14 Financial Times

Financial Times cited research by Nathanael Fast finding that insecure managers are the least likely to listen to and act on staff input.

10/31/14 KPCC-FM

KPCC-FM interviewed Greg Autry about the crash of a Virgin Galactic spacecraft and what it portends for the budding space tourism industry.

10/30/14 Los Angeles Daily News

Los Angeles Daily News quoted David Carter about predictions that the Los Angeles Clippers $200 million per year TV contract will soon quadruple.

10/29/14 International Business Times

International Business Times quoted David Carter about the World Series Game 7 saving the Fox Broadcasting Network from the lowest-rated series in history.