University of Southern California

Marshall in the Media

4/26/11 The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal quoted Kevin Murphy about stock options and restricted stock.
4/26/11 Los Angeles Times
The LA Times quoted Joe Nunes on an article about movie ticket prices and consumer behavior.
4/22/11 Santa Monica Daily Press
Santa Monica Daily Press quoted Lars Perner about the effect of high gas prices on consumer psychology.
4/19/11 BNET
Ira Kalb on BNET writes "Google's Use of Beta Has to Stop"
4/18/11 Forbes
Ed Lawler contributes to Forbes "Sustainable Leadership: The Problem with Iconic Leaders"
4/13/11 BNET

BNET ran an op-ed by Ira Kalb on the recent failure of a legal case brought against Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

4/9/11 The New York Times

The New York Times quoted David Carter of the USC Marshall School about the impact of negative news on the Los Angeles Dodgers' public image.

4/8/11 Bloomberg

CEO Director Ed Lawler and CEO Research Scientist Chris Worley argue for an egalitarian workplace.

4/1/11 Smart Money

SmartMoney quoted Lars Perner on whether lawsuits and scandals surrounding a retailer influence consumers to shop elsewhere.