University of Southern California

Faculty in the News

1/28/11 The Oregonian
The Oregonian quoted Lars Perner, Assistant Professor of Clinical Marketing, about the post-recession habits of American consumers.
1/27/11 Washington Post
Father of leadership studies Professor Warren Bennis commented on President Obama's State of the Union addres. "Obama framed the issues for the next election," Bennis wrote. "The framer wins 99 percent of the time!"
1/27/11 The Huffington Post
Distinguished Professor Ed Lawler, who is the Director of Marshall’s Center for Effective Organizations, wrote on how one-off sustainability initiatives, such as the Philadelphia Eagles' plan to make their stadium eco-friendly, are only a starting point to success.
1/27/11 Portfolio
Research by Professor Kevin Murphy found that in 2009, CEO and employee ratios of 264.4 percent were the lowest in 13 years. Average CEO compensation was $8.47 million while the average worker made just over $32,000.
1/27/11 American Public Media Marketplace
Lucy Hood, Executive Director of Marshall's Institute for Communication Technology Management was interviewed about the advent of QR codes, which allow users to enter text information, as a URL or email address, into mobile phones.
1/27/11 CNET
Associate Professor of Management and Organization Arvind Bhambri, was quoted about Apple's plan for growth because it's what sets the company apart.
1/13/11 KNX Business Hour

Clinical Finance and Business Economics Professor Baizhu Chen was interviewed about China’s currency policies.

1/12/11 Chain Economic Review

John Van Fleet, Assistant Dean and Executive Director of Marshall’s Global Executive M.B.A. program in Shanghai, wrote on the need for international M.B.A. programs to train Chinese executives in human resources.

1/12/11 The Los Angeles Times

Lucy Hood, Executive Director of Marshall’s Institute for Communication Technology Management, was quoted about the use of cell phones for work purposes.