University of Southern California

Marshall in the Media

1/25/13 Daily Breeze
Daily Breeze quoted David Carter about the forthcoming Los Angeles Dodgers channel.
1/25/13 RedOrbit
RedOrbit featured research by Gerard Tellis and Gareth James, finding that Moore’s Law — predicting that processor speeds for computers will double every 18 months — no longer applies to most industries.
1/24/13 Business Insider
Business Insider ran a column by Ira Kalb about Time Warner’s new ad campaign touting its customer service.
1/18/13 CBS News
CBS News’ “MoneyWatch” featured research by Scott Wiltermuth and a colleague from Stanford, finding that people with power tend to become more severe when they decide to punish someone.
1/17/13 The Boston Globe
The Boston Globe quoted David Carter about the effect of the NHL lockout on Boston Bruins fans.
1/10/13 Pacific Standard
Pacific Standard featured research by Feng Zhu finding that a political slant within Wikipedia has lessened over the past decade. A search of politically charged keywords found that in 2002 Wikipedia of 2002 leaned Democratic, and that it is now less biased.
1/10/13 The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed by Harris about relief program costs for regions devastated by Hurricane Sandy. “Unfortunately, neither the federal government nor its taxpayers have bottomless pockets,” Harris wrote. “Spending for any one purpose ultimately limits spending for all other purposes.”
1/9/13 Los Angeles Times
Silicon Beach – Lucy Hood urges the city to support LA's tech awakening in the LA Times.
1/7/13 The Huffington Post
The Huffington Post featured an op-ed by Lucy Hood about the Consumer Electronics Show and the potential for smart phone growth. The piece also focused on research done by Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM), the Center Hood oversees. “Mundane activities like email and web browsing are more important to consumers than entertainment such as gaming,” according to CTM’s research.