University of Southern California

Faculty in the News

12/10/10 The Globe and Mail

David Carter talked about Zuffa LLC, the parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

12/8/10 The Wall Street Journal

Professor of Finance and Business Economics Douglas Joines's research estimated that the average marginal tax rate on capital income in 1929 was roughly 20%, compared to about 37% from 1990-2003, according to the article.

12/8/10 American Public Radio's Marketplace

Lucy Hood, Executive Director of Marshall’s Institute for Communication Technology Management, was interviewed about the possibility of HBO delivering content a la carte.

12/8/10 National Post

David Erkens, Assistant Professor of Accounting and team found that strongly independent directors had a negative impact on the performance of 296 of the world’s largest banks, brokerages and insurance companies during the 2007-08 financial crises.

12/5/10 Fast Company

Fast Company highlighted Still Surprised: A Memoir of a Life in Leadership by Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor of Business Administration.

12/3/10 American Public Radio's Marketplace

Associate Professor Priester says people often jump on these deals simply because they're, well, deals.

12/2/10 Digiday

Marketing Professor Choong Whan Park found that consumers feel so connected to brands that they can suffer pangs of anxiety if forced to buy a competitor’s product.

12/1/10 San Diego Union Tribune

David Carter, Executive Director of Marshall’s Sports Business Institute, commented about the prospect of bringing an NFL team, specifically the San Diego Chargers, to Los Angeles.

11/26/10 Forbes

Forbes cited research co-authored by Professor of Management and Organization Nandini Rajagopalan on why companies that have done nothing wrong are sometimes punished for others’ misbehavior, especially when it involves environmental issues.