University of Southern California

Marshall in the Media

7/12/12 The Oregonian

The Oregonian quoted David Carter about Nike's response to troubled athletes involved in endorsement deals.

7/11/12 Financial Times (U.K.)
Financial Times (U.K.) quoted Dave Logan on the Olympics and have learned about planning from event manager.
7/10/12 KPCC-FM
KPCC-FM quoted David Carter about a potential sale of the San Diego Padres.
7/9/12 Bloomberg Businessweek
Bloomberg Businessweek ran a column by Warren Bennis about reaction to an article he co-wrote in 2005, titled "How Business Schools Lost Their Way."
7/9/12 La Opinion
La Opinion quoted Ira Kalb about the purchasing power of the Latino market.
7/4/12 Forbes
Forbes quoted Marshall Dean James G. Ellis about the value of meeting new people and building a network.
7/4/12 Business Insider

Business Insider ran a column by Ira Kalb about brand repositioning in the presidential race. "Politicians have a rich history of doing what they can to change the image of their opponents in the minds of the voting public," Kalb wrote. "Their aim is to place negative images about their competitors in the heads of voters."

7/2/12 Phoenix TV (Hong Kong)

Professor Protopapadakis was also interviewed about the Eurozone crisis for Hong Kong’s Phoenix TV.

6/30/12 South Florida Sun-Sentinel

South Florida Sun-Sentinel quoted Richard Green about underwater mortgages