University of Southern California

Marshall in the Media

8/2/11 NBC LA
Professor Joines of the Marshall School commented on the debt deal.
8/1/11 Harvard Business Review

Professor Paul Adler co-authored an article in the Harvard Business Review about building a collaborative culture.

7/28/11 Forbes
Forbes ran a column by Edward Lawler of the USC Marshall School on how "being green" can benefit companies.
7/28/11 Christian Science Monitor
The Christian Science Monitor quoted John Matsusaka of USC's Initiative and Referendum Institute in a story about proposed reforms.
7/28/11 LA Daily News
CityWatch cited a study by Charles Swenson of the USC Marshall School that found Los Angeles could reduce or phase out its controversial gross receipts tax on business without losing tax revenue.
7/27/11 Detroit Free Press
Detroit Free Press quoted Lars Perner about studies on car buyers' attitudes toward advertised car prices.
7/21/11 Businessweek
Dean Ellis was quoted in Businessweek in a piece that focused on business school entrepreneurs and the success of Ryan Goldston's Athletic Propulsion Labs,
7/20/11 Daily Breeze
Daily Breeze quoted David Carter of the USC Marshall School about proposals for a new pro football stadium in Los Angeles.
7/17/11 USA Today
USA Today quoted David Carter about the positive image of the U.S. women's soccer team.