University of Southern California

Marshall in the Media

10/5/11 Golf Channel
Golf Channel interviewed David Carter of the USC Marshall School about golfer Tiger Woods' potential as a spokesman.
10/1/11 Pasadena Star News
Pasadena Star-News stated that Warren Bennis of the USC Marshall School is among the notable giants of industry who have taken a pledge to withhold campaign contributions
10/1/11 Whittier Daily News
Whittier Daily News quoted Sandra Chrystal about schoolteachers who have gotten into trouble for things posted to their personal social media accounts.
9/30/11 Pioneer Press
Pioneer Press quoted David Carter of the USC Marshall School about Los Angeles residents' interest in an NFL team coming to the city.
9/28/11 The Washington Post
The Washington Post featured a column by Peter Kim regarding research on effective apologies.
9/25/11 CNN
CNN featured a study by Nathanael Fast of the USC Marshall School.
9/24/11 Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times quoted Anthony Dukes of the USC Marshall School on how Amazon will need to innovate to keep California customers.
9/22/11 Financial Times
The Financial Times profiled Larry Harris as the professor of the week, and his expertise in terms such as high frequency trading OR make-or-take pricing.
9/22/11 Marketplace
Marketplace radio interviewed Lucy Hood on Facebook's new features.