University of Southern California

Marshall in the Media

5/12/12 The Economist
The Economist cited a study by Gerard Tellis of the USC Marshall School and a colleague, finding that innovators captured only 7 percent of the market for their product over time.
5/11/12 The New York Times
The New York Times highlighted research by Joseph Nunes of the USC Marshall School and colleagues, finding that ostentatious displays of wealth thrived during the recession.
5/11/12 La Opinión

La Opinión quoted Harris about JPMorgan Chase’s recent $2 billion loss.

5/10/12 USA Today
USA Today quoted David Carter of the USC Marshall School about NASCAR racer Danica Patrick.
5/7/12 Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle quoted David Carter about Houston’s new soccer stadium.

5/3/12 USA Today

USA Today quoted David Carter about how suspensions affect sports players in the long run, affecting their marketing and branding.

5/3/12 Bloomberg News

Bloomberg News quoted David Carter about sports players supporting presidential candidates.

5/2/12 CBS KNX

CBS KNX interviewed Carter about a proposed lease between USC and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum Commission.

4/23/12 Business Insider
Business Insider ran a column by Ira Kalb of the USC Marshall School on creating a personal brand.