University of Southern California

Marshall in the Media

4/12/12 Forbes
Forbes quoted David Carter of the USC Marshall School about the sale of Dodger Stadium.
4/12/12 The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal featured research by Gerard Tellis of the USC Marshall School, finding that online user reviews can affect stock prices.
4/3/12 The Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal quoted Edward Lawler about companies that allow coworkers to reward one another with stock options.
3/30/12 Business Insider
Business Insider ran a column by Ira Kalb about RIM being a product-driven rather than a market-driven company, and how that has led to plunging sales.
3/28/12 Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times quoted Robert Bridges about the value of the real estate surrounding Dodger Stadium.
3/27/12 KPCC-FM
KPCC-FM interviewed Dean Ellis about the $10 million gift from William Schoen and his wife Sharon.
3/24/12 Shanghai
Shanghai Daily (China) quoted David Carter about how athletes' brand can benefit the organizations they represent in advertising.
3/23/12 The Oakland Tribune
The Oakland Tribune quoted John Matsusaka of USC's Initiative and Referendum Institute about California's ballot initiative process.
3/22/12 Fast Company
Fast Company cited Warren Bennis about the difference between managers and leaders.