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Marshall in the Media

9/18/14 Huffington Post

Huffington Post featured Greg Autry’s piece about Apple and the need to reset corporate tax to create jobs.

9/18/14 The Sacramento Bee

The Sacramento Bee quoted Davide Carter on Sacramento's efforts to pursue a Major League Soccer Team.

9/18/14 ESPN

ESPN quoted David Carter about the mismanagement of Major League Soccer team Chivas USA.

9/18/14 International Business Times

International Business Times quoted David Carter about the impact of LeBron James' shoe line.

9/16/14 The Washington Post

The Washington Post quoted Diane Badame about the success of fast-casual dining eateries like Chipotle.

9/16/14 Yahoo!

Investor’s Business Daily quoted Chris Jones about interest rates. Inc. quoted Quentin Fleming about CNBC reality show star Marcus Lemonis purchasing the baked good company Crumbs.

9/16/14 Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times quoted David Carter about a conflict between Time Warner Cable and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

9/15/14 Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal quoted John Matsusaka about statewide ballot measures boosting voter turnout, but not necessarily driving voters to one party or the other.
9/15/14 Entrepreneur

Entrepreneur reported that the Lloyd Greif Center opened in 1971.