University of Southern California

Marshall in the Media

6/25/12 KFWB-AM

KFWB-AM interviewed Ira Kalb about the use of sex in advertising.

6/23/12 Houston Chronicle
Houston Chronicle quoted David Carter about baseball player Roger Clemens' recent acquittal.
6/23/12 El Espectador (Colombia)

El Espectador (Colombia) quoted Warren Bennis about how leaders are made.

6/21/12 Bloomberg Businessweek
Bloomberg Businessweek quoted Gary Fraser about mistakes MBA interns make.
6/19/12 The Oregonian

The Oregonian quoted Ira Kalb about Nike's appeal in the gay and lesbian consumer market.

6/19/12 The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution quoted David Carter about a $26.6 million ad for the National Guard affixed to Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s race car.

6/18/12 Business Insider
Business Insider ran a column by Ira Kalb of the USC Marshall School about how countries control their brands.
6/18/12 The Washington Post
The Washington Post featured a study by Feng Zhu of the USC Marshall School and a colleague finding that, despite crowsourced editing, Wikipedia's political entries are still highly biased.
6/18/12 Forbes

Forbes cited Bennis as having written ““leaders have no interest in proving themselves, but an abiding interest in expressing themselves. Real learning occurs when we know what is important to us.”