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Marshall in the Media

10/31/14 Financial Times

Financial Times cited research by Nathanael Fast finding that insecure managers are the least likely to listen to and act on staff input.

10/31/14 KPCC-FM

KPCC-FM interviewed Greg Autry about the crash of a Virgin Galactic spacecraft and what it portends for the budding space tourism industry.

10/30/14 Los Angeles Daily News

Los Angeles Daily News quoted David Carter about predictions that the Los Angeles Clippers $200 million per year TV contract will soon quadruple.

10/29/14 International Business Times

International Business Times quoted David Carter about the World Series Game 7 saving the Fox Broadcasting Network from the lowest-rated series in history.

10/27/14 The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal quoted Ira Kalb about a dispute between Walgreen executives and the company's former CFO.

10/25/14 Business Insider

Business Insider ran a column by Ira Kalb about the use of content to market products.

10/22/14 The Houston Chronicle

The Houston Chronicle quoted David Carter about the collapse of Comcast SportsNet Houston

10/20/14 USA Today

USA Today quoted David Carter about Major League Baseball putting team logos on skis and snowboards.

10/20/14 Fortune

Fortune featured research by Kenneth Ahern on the profitability of insider trading. Ahern's study found that the median investor bets $200,000 on illegal tips, reaping $72,000 on the trade a gain of 35 percent.