University of Southern California

Marshall in the Media

11/10/14 KPCC-FM

KPCC-FM featured Marshall's Master of Business for Veterans, noting that students got to attend lectures with retired Gen. David Petraeus, now a Judge Widney Professor at USC. The MBV program was suggested by military personnel who had graduated through the Marshall School's Executive MBA program, said James Bogle. He said students learned about the different communication strategies at work in the corporate world versus the military world. Nearly all of the first 38 graduates moved on to jobs, internships or fellowships at places like the White House, Goldman Sachs, The Walt Disney Company and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

11/9/14 Business Because

Business Because also featured Marshall’s Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

11/6/14 Forbes quoted John Boudreau in a post on the role of data analytics in organizational strategy.

11/5/14 The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal featured Marshall’s Master of Business Analytics program, which was developed in conjunction with the school's corporate advisory board members who said they need more hires with analytics skills. Dean James G. Ellis said the board also recommended that undergraduate students be required to take a course in making business decisions based on analytics.

11/4/14 Forbes

Forbes highlighted Marshall’s Master of Business for Veterans, which has grown 30 percent since its inaugural class. Students in the school's MBA program have collaborated with the students in MBV, allowing MBV students to share aspects of leadership they learned in the military.

11/4/14 KPCC and KCRW

KPCC and KCRW public radio featured Silicon Beach at USC hosted by CTM and the Lloyd Greif Center. CTM’s Jay Tucker was interviewed

11/4/14 KPCC-FM

KPCC-FM interviewed Nick Vyas about a contract dispute that could affect ports across the West Coast, including Los Angeles.

11/3/14 Inc.

Inc. featured research by Peter Cardon finding that smartphone use during business meetings is viewed differently depending on age and gender.

11/1/14 The Economist

The Economist quoted Mark Young about the collaborative culture inherent in Hollywood.