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Marshall in the Media

12/18/14 The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post ran a second op-ed by Gene Del Vecchio about Sony.

12/18/14 Crain's New York

Crain's New York quoted Gene Del Vecchio on the potential impact on relationships between Sony and Hollywood actors.

12/18/14 Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times quoted Dave Logan on a possible management shake-up at Sony resulting from financial losses of a hacking attack and from pulling the release of "The Interview."

12/17/14 The Guardian

The Guardian quoted Lars Perner about the development of synthetic meat for consumers.

12/16/14 Reuters

Reuters quoted David Carter about potential factors in the choice of a city for the 2024 Olympic Summer Games.

12/16/14 ESPN

ESPN quoted David Carter about NASCAR sponsors.

12/15/14 Forbes

Forbes quoted John Boudreau about companies operating in "an era of total, complete transparency of information."

12/5/14 The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal featured research co-authored by Larry Harris and colleagues about dozens of mutual funds pursuing a risky trading tactic called "juicing." Traders jump in and out of stocks to pocket the quarterly or annual income payouts. They own the stock just long enough to grab the dividend.

11/11/14 The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed by Gerard Tellis about pioneers in the world of business. Though being the first to innovate is often heralded in business, most pioneers fail and rarely lead their industries, he wrote. "Long-term market leaders seldom are pioneers. Rather, they are ones who appreciate the discoveries of pioneers, envision the mass market and exploit it profitably," Tellis wrote.