University of Southern California

Marshall in the Media

3/19/15 The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post ran a column by Ira Kalb on how longer marketing copy can sometimes be more effective.

3/18/15 US News

U.S. News & World Report cited finding that smartphone use during business meetings is viewed differently depending on age and gender.

3/18/15 USA Today

USA Today quoted David Carter about student athlete Missy Franklin and her decision to turn pro.

3/17/15 DT News

Los Angeles Downtown News quoted David Carter about AEG's former proposal to develop a football stadium in downtown L.A.

3/17/15 Reuters

Reuters quoted David Carter about football player Chris Borland's retirement and the unlikelihood of a ripple effect.

3/17/15 Inc

Inc. highlighted three Lloyd Greif Center affiliated startups, in a list of the Coolest College Start-Ups of 2015.

3/16/15 USA Today

USA Today quoted Alec Levenson about the effect of lower gas prices on those in lower income brackets. The Washington Times also quoted Levenson.

3/16/15 The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post ran a column by Ira Kalb about whether some ingredients are actually unhealthy or just sound bad.

3/14/15 The New York Times

The New York Times quoted David Carter about Fox Broadcasting's promotion of the World Cup.