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Marshall in the Media

8/18/14 Bloomberg Business
Bloomberg News highlighted research by Nathanael Fast in which "managers" who were primed to feel incompetent were more likely to denigrate the competence of an "employee" who spoke up and suggested a new operational plan.
8/18/14 Business Insider
Business Insider ran a column by Ira Kalb about how selfies and viral videos are changing marketing.
8/9/14 The Oregonian
The Oregonian quoted David Carter about how the Pacific Northwest has become a hotspot for sports product companies.
8/9/14 The Economist
The Economist ran an obituary for Warren Bennis, who produced 30 books on leadership and advised presidents John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Regan.
8/8/14 Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business Review ran a piece by John Boudeau on “retooling” HR.
8/6/14 Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times quoted Raj Rajagopalan about the announced closure of a Nestlé plant in the San Fernando Valley.
8/5/14 Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal covered research by Arthur Korteweg finding that while skilled private-equity fund managers can greatly outperform their peers, these kinds of managers are hard to find.
8/5/14 The Washington Post
The Washington Post ran an obituary for Warren Bennis, the "dean of leadership gurus" for 35 years. Inc. listed a series of leadership tips from Bennis. Forbes ran a remembrance of Bennis.
8/5/14 Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee quoted David Carter of the about the Sacramento Republic FC possibly joining Major League Soccer.