University of Southern California

Marshall in the Media

10/13/14 The Wall Street Journal
Pioneering is glorious, but later entrants are often the ones who see the true potential of discoveries.
9/25/14 The Toronto Star
The Toronto Star quoted David Carter about the qualities needed in the new president and CEO of MLSE.
9/21/14 Financial Times

Financial Times featured USC Marshall School alumnus Jim Calhoun, CEO of Converse, the company known for its Chuck Taylor All Star Sneakers. Calhoun spoke about going to USC for his Executive MBA, knowing the power of the Trojan network is "unbeatable": "We all have a great school spirit." He said the program taught him critical time-management and finance skills.

9/21/14 The Denver Post

The Denver Post quoted David Carter about potential new owners for The Denver Broncos.

9/19/14 Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times quoted Alec Levenson about California's unemployment rates.

9/18/14 Forbes

Forbes’ “Opinion” featured Greg Autry about NASA’s recent budget allocation for its Commercial Crew program.

9/18/14 Huffington Post

Huffington Post featured Greg Autry’s piece about Apple and the need to reset corporate tax to create jobs.

9/18/14 The Sacramento Bee

The Sacramento Bee quoted Davide Carter on Sacramento's efforts to pursue a Major League Soccer Team.

9/18/14 ESPN

ESPN quoted David Carter about the mismanagement of Major League Soccer team Chivas USA.