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Expert insight into the world of business, a Podcast series.

Every fortnight, Dr Richard Drobnick, Director of USC's mid-career IBEAR MBA Program has conversations with thought leaders, captains of industry and policy makers on global politics and its impact on a key business issues. New podcast episodes of Business Class are added every two weeks. You are invited to comment on an episode by emailing

3/15/17 • News at Marshall
Patrick Yoon works to revive retail banking in South Korea
3/2/17 • News at Marshall
Andrew Wylegala delivers insight into U.S. companies doing business in Japan
2/15/17 • News at Marshall
Greg Drobnick, USC Alum and Co-Founder of Heal, talks about how technology is taking us back to the future...
2/1/17 • News at Marshall
Greg Drobnick, USC alum and Co-Founder of Heal, describes how the Heal App is recreating the world of your doctor making a house call.
1/16/17 • News at Marshall
Jack Wadsworth of Morgan Stanley talks venture funds and the realities of investing in China
1/6/17 • News at Marshall
Sidney Rittenberg: Deal making from Maurice Greenberg to Craig Barret to Deng Xiaoping.
12/15/16 • News at Marshall
Business Class: There may be no more unique western view on China than Sidney Rittenberg’s.
12/2/16 • News at Marshall
Business Class: Ronnie Chan looks back at the decisions...
Business Class: Clayton Dube, Director of the USC, U.S....
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