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Join USC Marshall Center for Global Supply Chain Management and Infosys for a day of insightful sessions on Supply Chain Management
This certification will provide participants with an introductory understanding of the fundamentals of Six Sigma.
Learn about USC’s Master’s in Global Supply Chain Management!
Learn about USC’s Master’s in Global Supply Chain Management!
Learn about the present and future state of Supply Chain at this year's Global Supply Chain Excellence Summit


8/15/14 • News at Marshall
As Sidney Rittenberg Gives Keynote, IBEAR Graduates 36th Class
8/8/14 • News at Marshall
Cynthia McCloud Brings Senior Level Food Industry Experience
7/31/14 • News at Marshall
Few people understand the value of a well-run business as well as Ed Lawler.
7/25/14 • News at Marshall
Study Reports Higher Stock Prices and Earnings Per Share if the CEO is Narcissistic
7/21/14 • News at Marshall
Marshall Professor’s Research Shows Craigslist’s Impact on Ticketmaster

Faculty in the News

8/5/14 Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal covered research by Arthur Korteweg finding that while skilled private-equity fund managers can greatly outperform their peers, these kinds of managers are hard to find.
7/17/14 Bloomberg Businessweek
Bloomberg Businessweek featured research by Cheryl Wakslak finding that abstract language helps project authority and power.
7/15/14 Fox Business
Fox Business featured a study by Theresa Welbourne finding that too many business leaders work above or below their optimum energy level, leading ultimately to a loss in productivity.
7/14/14 Reuters
Reuters quoted David Carter of the USC Marshall School about the continued growth of Major League Soccer.
7/13/14 Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times quoted C. Kerry Fields about a merger between Los Angeles construction company Aecom Technology Corp. and URS Corp.

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