University of Southern California

In most of learning environments students are passive recipients of information. Marshall’s Experiential Learning Center (ELC) turns this teaching method on its head by promoting learning through active engagement. At this unique facility, students become drivers of their own learning, participating in “business-like” scenarios on topics that include group decision-making and problem solving, making presentations and taking part in business negotiations. Students not only learn by doing, immediate feedback provided by reviewing their video recorded behaviors helps students internalize key concepts and reflect on their actions and implications.

The numerous management simulations and structured activities provide myriad opportunities for student learning. Carefully selected activities, developed from close collaboration between faculty and the ELC Professional staff, directly connect to class content. In this capacity, ELC serves as a laboratory for students to practice critical management skills in a safe and risk-free environment. Students at USC commonly note that learning in the ELC is one of the many things that make Marshall’s learning environment both exciting and high in impact.

I hear and I forget…

I see and I remember…

I do and I understand.

— Chinese proverb