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Marshall in the Media

7/18/12 USA Today

USA Today quoted David Carter about pro basketball player Jeremy Lin's move from New York to Houston

7/16/12 Business Insider

Business Insider ran a column by Kalb about a loss of trust in U.S. banking companies following the financial crisis.

7/14/12 The Plain Dealer

The Plain Dealer quoted Carter about sports leagues wanting to avoid going dormant in order to maintain fan interest.

7/12/12 Forbes

Forbes ran a column by Baizhu Chen about the Chinese "tariff wall." Chen wrote that tariffs on car imports to China drive up the price of automobiles considerably, even though Chinese households aren't wealthier than American households.

7/12/12 Business Insider

Business Insider ran a column by Ira Kalb of the USC Marshall School about Microsoft "declaring war" on Apple. The declaration, made to the press by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, has little effect on Apple's 63 percent market share of the tablet shipment market, Kalb wrote. "Steve Ballmer declaring war on Apple is one thing," Kalb added. "Fighting the war and winning is another."

7/12/12 The Oregonian

The Oregonian quoted David Carter about Nike's response to troubled athletes involved in endorsement deals.

7/11/12 Financial Times (U.K.)
Financial Times (U.K.) quoted Dave Logan on the Olympics and have learned about planning from event manager.
7/10/12 KPCC-FM
KPCC-FM quoted David Carter about a potential sale of the San Diego Padres.
7/9/12 Bloomberg Businessweek
Bloomberg Businessweek ran a column by Warren Bennis about reaction to an article he co-wrote in 2005, titled "How Business Schools Lost Their Way."