Seminars and Conferences

Spring 2017 Marketing Seminar Series

Seminars (Fridays)

Friday seminars are from 9:30am – 11:00am unless otherwise specified

Seminar Schedule
Friday, 1/13/17 Keisha Cutright
Duke University
In God’s Hands: How Religion Dampens the Effectiveness of Fear Appeals ACC 310 Prof. Linda Hagen
Friday, 1/20/17 Jeff Inman
University of Pittsburgh
Smartphone- Generated Content as Emotional Expression ACC 310 Prof. Debbie MacInnis
Friday, 2/3/17 Randy Bucklin
Effects of Income Distribution Change on Consumer Product Availability: A Cross - Category, Cross - Market Empirical Analysis ACC 310

Prof. Sivaramakrishnan Siddarth

Friday, 2/10/17 Daniel Oppenheimer
The Effect of Relative Encoding on Memory - Based Judgments ACC 310 Prof. Kristin Diehl

Friday, 2/24/17

Nitin Mehta
University of Toronto
A Dynamic Model of Health Insurance Choices and Health Care Consumption Decisions ACC 310 Prof. Anthony Dukes
Friday, 4/7/17 Catherine Tucker
The Digital Privacy Paradox: Small Money, Small Costs, Small Talk ACC 310 Prof. Dinesh Puranam
Friday, 4/14/17 Giorgos Zervas
Boston University

The Welfare Impact of Consumer Reviews: A Case Study of the Hotel Industry

ACC 310 Prof. Davide Proserpio

If you have questions or comments, please contact the following faculty member: Prof. Anthony Dukes or Doris Meunier Administrative Assistant. You may also contact the main Marketing Department office at (213) 740-5033.