VBP Project

The Virtual Business Professional (VBP) Project is co-sponsored by USC and IBM.

The purpose of this six-week project is to give students real-world experience using communication and collaboration technologies employed in today’s corporate environment. Using the IBM Connections platform, students plan and hold virtual meetings, co-author and collaboratively revise documents, use project management tools, and create online presentations. The focus of the project is to learn more about organizational communication on digital platforms.

VBP Project

Learning Objectives

This project emphasizes the development of critical-thinking, communication, and team-building skills among students with the following specific goals:

  1. Help students learn how to collaborate in global virtual teams
  2. Introduce students to a virtual communication platform (IBM Connections)
  3. Allow students to reflect on and assess their effectiveness in the virtual collaboration
  4. Teach students leadership skills in virtual collaboration projects
  5. Provide students an opportunity to examine, analyze, and assess external online communication practices of an organization and identify recommendations
  6. Collaborate to write a professional report and create a virtual team presentation

To Learn More about the Project

Please visit the Instructor and Student pages. For Media coverage, click here. To learn about Research projects associated with VBP, click here.


To Participate in the Project

The 6-week project runs in the fall and spring semesters. If you are interested in participating in the project, please contact Professor Jolanta Aritz at