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Marshall Recognized Student Organization Resources


Interested in starting a student organization or becoming a Marshall Recognized Student Organization?

In order to become a Marshall Recognized Student Organization, your organization must first be recognized by USC Campus Activities.

If you want to learn how to start a new student organization at USC, you will also work with Campus Activities. Please visit the Campus Activities RSO website to learn more.

Once your organization is officially recognized by USC, you may explore becoming a Marshall Recognized Student Organization. 

Attend one of our Marshall Recognized Student Organization Information Session on the following dates to learn more:

Friday, September 28th @ 12 pm in JFF 312
Friday, October 26th @ 12 pm in JFF 312
Friday, November 30th @ 12 pm in JFF 312

If you cannot attend an information session, the presentation can be found below:

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The benefits of being a Marshall Recognized Student Organization (MRSO) include the following:

  • Membership in the Marshall Council
  • Access to Marshall Undergraduate Program administrators
  • Access to the Marshall Recognized Student Organization President’s Room (JFF 121) on the first floor of Fertitta Hall
  • New member recruitment and publicity at the Marshall New Student Welcome in the Fall and Marshall Involvement Fair in the Spring
  • Posting of event flyers and announcements within the Marshall and Leventhal buildings
  • Ability to request room reservations for Marshall facilities and classrooms
  • Inclusion in the Marshall Undergraduate Programs Pocket Guide for new students and Marshall webpage
  • Ability to promote programs and events through the weekly Marshall Involvement email
  • Opportunity to qualify for funding from the Marshall Undergraduate Advising and Student Affairs Office
  • Eligibility to compete for MRSO awards
  • Invitation to MRSO End of Year Recognition Banquet
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USC and the Marshall School of Business require that every recognized student organization have a faculty or staff advisor. Primarily, the advisor serves as a resource person for the organization. Advisors counsel and advise student organizations by assisting students through their thinking process, asking the “tough” questions, and challenging the organization to go beyond the status quo. They also provide continuity for an organization by passing along valuable information regarding the organization’s history, traditions, and past accomplishments. An active advisor improves the effectiveness of an organization while also assisting in the positive development of its student members.

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The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages on the University of Southern California campus is governed by appropriate state and municipal laws and is further governed by University regulations. The University Policy concerning alcohol, applicable University regulations, procedure for dealing with an alcohol violation by a student organization, and a definition of possible sanctions for student organizations are discussed in the complete policy.  Alcohol will not be served or reimbursed at any Marshall undergraduate student events, undergraduate recruiting events, or during undergraduate student travel.

For more information, review SCampus.

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Student organizations can rent AV equipment by emailing Student leaders will need sponsorship of their faculty or staff advisor.

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Opening a Bank Account with the USC Credit Union

Student organizations may open a bank account with the USC Credit Union. These accounts CANNOT accept any University money. Please go to the Credit Union to establish the account.

You will need:

  • A completed Account Authorization Form (available from USC Campus Activities Office)
  • A copy of your recognition letter sent to you when your organization received recognition
  • A completed signature card with signatures from at least two students and the organization’s advisor (provided by the USC Credit Union)
  • A completed Tax Identification Form (provided by the USC Credit Union)
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Programming and events are a critical component of most student organizations. Hosting events helps your organization achieve its goals, teach leadership skills and foster camaraderie among members. It takes a great deal of pre-event planning to ensure success.

For more information and tips on planning a successful event, please see the “Event Planning Guidelines” section of our 2018-2019 MRSO Handbook

Additionally, please refer to our Reimbursement Guidelines for further information on what Marshall Undergraduate Programs can help fund for your event.

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MRSOs have multiple sources for funding including membership dues, fundraising, corporate sponsorship, Undergraduate Student Government (USG) funding, Marshall Business Student Government (MBSG) funding, and Marshall Undergraduate Advising and Student Affairs funding. 

The Marshall School of Business provides limited funding and MRSOs and funding is evaluated annually. If your MRSO has been approved for annual funding, please fill out and submit the Marshall Funding Request via Qualtrics at least 15 business days weeks prior to your event.  If approval is granted, please submit a Marshall Reimbursement Request within 10 business days following the event.  Please refer the MRSO Handbook for additional details.  

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All flyers, bulletins, etc. must be approved prior to posting.  Bring original to BRI 205 for approval before making copies.  However, we encourage a digital approval.  To do so please email a PDF Version of your flyer to and we can return a PDF version of the flyer for printing.

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MRSOs can make a room reservation in a Marshall building by using the scheduling module within MyMarshall

MRSOs  can also request to book other space on campus including the Ronald Tutor Campus Center, outdoor venues, or classrooms so long as the space is available. For more information, see the Campus Activities website.   

Please be sure to adhere to the policies regarding social events as outlined in SCampus.


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For MRSOs planning trips off-campus, either domestically or internationally, please be sure to utilize the required forms and follow all guidelines and policies for student travel.   For more information regarding policies, regulations, and guidelines regarding student-led travel, please explore Section G3 of SCampus.

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