ESCEM (Tours, France)


Tours, France

Tours is the perfect small city/medium town. I find myself surprised weekly with what it has to offer and the new locations I end up discovering.

Tatiana Turner, Spring 2020

ESCEM has one of the top ranked Business Schools in Europe and is one of the top programs in France (Ranked 5th), and is consistently ranked in the top 200 business programs in the world by the Financial Times. ESCEM is the fruit of the successful merger of ESC Tours and ESC Poitiers in 1998, is today home to over 2600 students spread mainly over its two main programs (Undergraduate and graduate) and its two main campuses (Tours and Poitiers).

By centering their teaching and mission on strong values of Commitment, Integrity, Curiosity and Humility, ESCEM hopes to shape their graduates into managers who will contribute to changing the world by thinking outside the box. Knowing how to listen to and make the most of differences, supporting CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), and opening up to different cultures and other ways of acting and believing, are the keys that will help to give meaning to ESCEM students’ actions. Their programs, accessible to people of all ages, will enable students to share a different vision of management with their 12,500 graduates, 2,600 students, 67 full-time faculty and 400 partner businesses.

The business school has approximately 70 full-time and 400 guest lecturers with diverse interests and expertise. Each year ESCEM enrolls approximately 500 undergraduate Business students, and an additional 800 graduate students.

Exchange students select from one of 3 areas of study: Marketing, Management or European Business Studies. As part of all 3 areas, students are required to enroll in a French language AND a French culture course. Courses are 2 USC units each, and have irregular meeting structure (you are notified about the meeting times before hand). Some meet 2 hours a week for 14 weeks, some meet 6 hours a day for 5 days in a row for 1 week and that is is, while others meet for 4 hours a week for 7 weeks.

ESCEM has limited on-campus housing in dormitories for exchange students. The units are small and shared, and cost approximately $600/month. The BBA Exchange staff also assists with arranging housing in private housing near campus. The staff is able to reserve apartments on the students’ behalf before their arrival. The rent is approximately $600-800 per month.

Fall semester: Early September through mid-December

Spring semester: Early January through late May

Sample Schedule:
Cross Cultural Management (2 units)
Sales Management and Personal Selling (2 units)
Sales Promotion (2 units)
Advertising in Europe (2 units)
International Business Law (2 units)
Retail Marketing Management (2 units)
Market Research Project (2 units)
French Language (2 units)
French Culture (2 units)


Additional Information:

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