ExCEL Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Dubai & Abu Dhabi - March 8-17, 2019

The Marshall School of Business will be leading a group of undergraduate students to meet with business leaders, government officials and entrepreneurs in Dubai & Abu Dhabi..



Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the "glittering" gems of the United Arab Emirates, the 2nd largest economy in the Persian Gulf region. These cities (emirates) are similar in a number of ways, but also very different. Dubai "steals" the limelight, and is the "flashier" of the two cities, but much of the weaalth of the UAE rests in the hands of Abu Dhabi (who control 95% of the UAE oil reserves). 

We will compare these two economies in terms of the direction their development has taken, as well as their openness and restrictions in terms of business development. Both cities suffered from 2008 financial crises, as well as recent downward trends in oil prices (although that has impacted Abu Dhabi more than Dubai, whose economy is dependent more on the service sector and real estate) but both have also rebounded, and have experienced dramatic growth. 

We will visit with various business in the service industry (tourism is a large revenue generator in Dubai), Real Estate, education and other sectors which are having both positive as well as negative impacts on the UAE economy.

The trip will take place from March 8-17, 2019 (the flight will departing Friday afternoon March 8th).


Abu Dhabi


What do we do on the Program?

The Goal of the program is to help introduce students to the business, economic and cultural realities through 3 pre-trip sessions, as well as visits (in country) with local business leaders and political figures. Each day we will meet with 2-4 companies to discuss find out who they are, what they do, and their views on the advantages and challenges facing them and the economy as a whole.

You can view sample schedules from previous years (Berlin 2016 Schedule and Hong Kong 2016 Schedule). We visit with a wide-variety of companies in different industries to attempt to gain a vision of the dynamic economy (or within a single industry as with Hong Kong 2016 and the Fashion/Entertainment industry).

We also will plan 1-2 cultural tours, as well as provide students with free time to explore both Dubai & Abu Dhabi as well.





The cost of the program is $3600, this includes round-trip airfare on Emirates Airlines, hotel accommodation (we will stay at the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai in Dubai and the Bab Al Qasr in Abu Dhabi, airport transfers, breakfasts, lunches during visit days, optional cultural tour, transportation in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, and bus transportation and guide for the week. It does NOT include personal expenses, dinners or any possible visa expenses. (The program costs will be fee-billed to the students’ USC account for convenience.)

Unfortunately there are NO scholarships available for this program from USC Marshall.


Abu Dhabi



The program is open to ALL undergraduate USC majors, who will have completed 36 collegiate units (this includes USC and/or transfer credits. This does NOT include AP/IB credits. All students must have completed at least 1 year of college level coursework by September 1, 2018). All applicants must have a minimum 2.75 GPA.  

Please complete the online application by 5:00 pm October 29, 2018

The application for ExCEL Dubai & Abu Dhabi can be accessed here:

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