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Marshall in the Media

7/2/13 The Huffington Post
The Huffington Post ran a column by John Matsusaka about California's initiative process and a recent Supreme Court ruling on Proposition 8. "Those who care about the democratic process, which includes many same-sex marriage supporters, should be concerned about the ruling's long-run implications," Matsusaka wrote.
6/24/13 Business Insider
Business Insider ran a column by Ira Kalb of the USC Marshall School about Hostess Twinkies staging a comeback.
6/18/13 The New York Times
The New York Times ran an op-ed by John Matsusaka about the role of ballot initiatives in the political process. Matsusaka argues that, though citizens sometimes approve bad laws or are misled by special interests, elected representatives are also misled by special interests. "Citizens are more likely to get the policies they want when initiatives are available than when government decisions are the monopoly of elected officials," Matsusaka wrote.
6/10/13 Los Angeles Business Journal
Los Angeles Business Journal quoted Ira Kalb about how Dollar Shave Club markets its products.
6/4/13 Business Insider
Business Insider featured “Organizing Genius,” a book by Warren Bennis and a colleague about what makes groups successful. They looked at groups as diverse as Disney’s Animation division, the Manhattan Project and the 1992 Clinton campaign. A number of the findings from their book were listed, including the fact that great groups are generally optimistic, not realistic.
6/4/13 Sing Tao
Sing Tao quoted Ira Kalb about Memorial Day sales.
6/4/13 Fast Company
Fast Company featured research by C.W. Park and colleagues finding that, despite millions of dollars spent trying to make consumers love them, most brands fail to connect with them. After conducting a series of surveys, Park determined consumers need to think of the brand as an extension of him or herself. “So many brands focus on the functional benefits
6/4/13 KNX Business Hour
KNX Business Hour featured Larry Harris, who discussed the Nasdaq settlement over Facebook’s IPO.
5/28/13 Variety
Variety quoted Mark Young about the possibility of Sony spinning off the company’s entertainment assets