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Marshall in the Media

8/18/14 Business Insider
Business Insider ran a column by Ira Kalb about how selfies and viral videos are changing marketing.
8/9/14 The Oregonian
The Oregonian quoted David Carter about how the Pacific Northwest has become a hotspot for sports product companies.
8/9/14 The Economist
The Economist ran an obituary for Warren Bennis, who produced 30 books on leadership and advised presidents John F. Kennedy, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson and Ronald Regan.
8/8/14 Harvard Business Review
Harvard Business Review ran a piece by John Boudeau on “retooling” HR.
8/6/14 Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times quoted Raj Rajagopalan about the announced closure of a Nestlé plant in the San Fernando Valley.
8/5/14 Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal covered research by Arthur Korteweg finding that while skilled private-equity fund managers can greatly outperform their peers, these kinds of managers are hard to find.
8/5/14 The Washington Post
The Washington Post ran an obituary for Warren Bennis, the "dean of leadership gurus" for 35 years. Inc. listed a series of leadership tips from Bennis. Forbes ran a remembrance of Bennis.
8/5/14 Sacramento Bee

Sacramento Bee quoted David Carter of the about the Sacramento Republic FC possibly joining Major League Soccer.

8/4/14 American Public Media
American Public Media's "Marketplace" covered research by Cheryl Wakslak finding that abstract language helps project authority and power.