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Marshall in the Media

10/13/14 The Wall Street Journal
Pioneering is glorious, but later entrants are often the ones who see the true potential of discoveries.
10/13/14 MarketPlace

American Public Media's "Marketplace" interviewed Ira Kalb about J.C. Penny's attempts to rebrand the business.

10/13/14 Los Angeles Business Journal

Los Angeles Business Journal quoted Ira Kalb about the demographics of e-sports viewers.

10/12/14 The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed by Gerard Tellis about pioneers in the world of business. Though being the first to innovate is often heralded in business, most pioneers fail and rarely lead their industries, he wrote. "Long-term market leaders seldom are pioneers. Rather, they are ones who appreciate the discoveries of pioneers, envision the mass market and exploit it profitably," Tellis wrote.

10/10/14 USA Today

USA Today quoted David Carter on football player Russell Wilson's budding prospects in the NFL.

10/9/14 The Asian Age

The Asian Age quoted Greg Autry on the potential stance of the U.S government in the wake of the Hong Kong protests.

10/9/14 The Toronto Star

The Toronto Star quoted David Carter of the USC Marshall School on why NHL's John Collins would be a good candidate to replace Major League Soccer CEO Tim Leiweke.

10/7/14 CCTV China

CCTV (China) quoted Anthony Dukes about a younger generation of entrepreneurs developing business models that include philanthropy.

10/6/14 International Business Times

International Business Times quoted David Carter of the about a major TV deal between the NBA, Turner Broadcasting System and the Walt Disney Co.