University of Southern California

Sports Business Institute Advisors

The Sports Business Institute boasts an impressive array of advisors from sports and business that provide guidance and help advance SBI initiatives. Their perspective on the industry provides the SBI valuable knowledge as the Institute continues to grow in scope and reach.

Executive Committee

Southern California is a sports and entertainment hub comprised of a multitude of professional sports teams, corporations, and media conglomerates, as well as those organizations that serve and support their efforts; and each of these is at the forefront of the sports business industry. The SBI Executive Committee represents the Institute’s connection to the region and its industry leaders. Comprised of SBI associates that are either based in Southern California or have a significant presence in the region, the SBI Executive Committee plays an integral role in shaping the direction of, and then advocating for, the SBI.

Advisory Council

The SBI Advisory Council exists as a means for the SBI to cultivate its relationships throughout the world. Advisory Council members are sports and business executives that work outside the SBI’s regional footprint who support the SBI by providing valuable insight on initiatives, help cultivate relationships, and provide support to the SBI in myriad ways.