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About Entrepreneurial Studies at Marshall

The Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies is among the nation's leaders in entrepreneurship education and research. Its faculty—a diverse mix of academics and entrepreneur practitioners—together offer undergraduate and graduate programs designed to help students acquire the tools, develop the skills, and cultivate the mindset central to organizing, launching, and managing successful new ventures.

The program has consistently ranked among the top programs in the nation and has been ranked #1 by Princeton Review and Entrepreneur Magazine. Business Week with U.S. News and World Report labeled the Greif Center as "one of the best Entrepreneurship programs" in the country.

2014 New Venture Seed Competition

We will be awarding a total of $50,000 in cash prizes to the top teams.

Application deadline: Feburary 23, 2014

Are you ready to take the entrepreneurial leap?

For inspiration and to get a sense of what the Entrepreneur Program is all about, check out the video clips of the speakers in the course BAEP 470 The Entrepreneurial Mindset, affectionately known as "The Leap".

USC Summer Program Exploring Entrepreneurship

High school students preview college, study entrepreneurship and earn three units of college credit in this 4-week, pre-college course.