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Kevin Kassel ’17 had a great idea for a business…but he didn’t know it until taking classes through the Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab
As Cuban immigrants, my parents opened Porto's Bakery & Cafe in 1976. Back then it was a simple mom-and-pop business...
As the Executive Officer onboard the Virginia-class submarine USS CALIFORNIA SSN-781, I am faced with new leadership challenges daily.
It took me a few years to find USC, but when I did, I found my home. Just days ago, I sent in my final student loan payment.
I was a poor kid. I was able to attend USC only because of the academic scholarship I received. I felt very grateful for...
I was confident that I had the best business model and that I would work it until 16 Handles was No. 1 in the East Village.

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One day, Susannah would like to be president of a film studio's marketing department - and for her, that goal doesn't sound unrealistic. During her time at Marshall, she interned at 20th Century Fox, Buena Vista International, and Paramount. Additionally, as a private project, she developed a predictive model for motion picture box office business using 16 years worth of valuable fiscal data and statistics. Though she has just begin interviewing for post-collegiate employment positions, it is only a matter of time before she takes the first step towards her ambitious leadership aspirations.